Proven Hypnosis to Relax Your Muscles
Naturally Minimize Pain During Childbirth

"Everything you’d get with a local hypnobirthing practitioner and class plus much more at a fraction of the cost and at your convenience."

What you will learn will actually cause you to...

  • Naturally eliminate anxiety and increase confidence during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Effortlessly relax your muscles to minimize pain during childbirth
  • Speed your delivery
  • Promote peaceful sleep patterns during pregnancy

Complete, Convenient and Immediately Available Program
Everything You Need – And Nothing You Don’t Need

FreshStart is an easy-to-follow personalized birth hypnosis program that you can take in your own time. The simple and enjoyable program offers you so much more than you would get with any other hypnobirthing practitioner or hypnobirthing class and because it's immediately available for download, you can get started right this minute.

  • Personalized weekly email reminder tips, information and advice tailored to your specific due date
  • Relaxing birth hypnosis audio downloads
  • Optional Partner birth hypnosis scripts
  • Simple and effective breathing exercises
  • Easy to follow booklets and guides
  • Exclusive post partum “white noise” audio (to aid relaxing sleep for you and your baby)
  • Proven hypnobirthing tips, exercises & massage techniques
  • Practical birthing checklist
  • Ultimate relaxation techniques

Unique Money Back Guarantee

FreshStart is completely unique from other hypnobirthing programs in that we offer you the opportunity to experience the program entirely risk-free.

If at any time up to 60 days after purchase you - or the recipient, if you are purchasing as a gift - are unsatisfied with the program for any reason, simply email us at and say you'd like your money back. We will cancel your purchase and issue an immediate refund.

There is no small print and nothing to return. It’s that simple.

Over the past 7 years, FreshStart has developed, tested and refined a unique and unparalleled hypnosis for birth program that finally means that you have no need to compromise.

You can have it all. A complete and easy-to-understand program that’s tailored just for you, is available completely online and is yours to immediately download and access at any time from the comfort of your home.

How is it personalized just for me?

When you sign up you'll simply enter your Expected Due Date. Based on that information we will personalize your program to make best use of the available time. You'll receive detailed email reminders and tips every week so that you’ll always get the exact right information & program elements at precisely the right time for your pregnancy.

Highest Quality, Lowest Cost, Most Convenient, Best Value

If you’ve done a little internet research you probably already know that a single hypnobirthing session can run anywhere from $60 - $180 with group courses usually ranging from $300-$1200 for the entire hypnobirth program.

Other hypnobirthing CD courses cost in excess of $135 plus shipping with no ability to return them if you’re dissatisfied.

There’s no reason why it has to cost that much. In tough economic times and with a baby on the way, you already have enough on your mind without taking on an additional financial burden. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to choose FreshStart Birth Hypnosis

For less than the cost of an introductory hypnobirthing session with a stranger, you can immediately have a complete birth hypnosis program at your fingertips – one that comes with a money back guarantee.

The cost is just $49 for the complete program which takes you from today until beyond the birth– never any hidden fees for hypnobirthing course materials or books, no extra charges or upsells -nothing else to purchase, ever.

And if for any reason whatsoever you’re unsatisfied, simply let us know by sending us an email within 60 days of purchase and we will refund your money right away – no questions asked & nothing to return.

60 day money back guarantee. That means zero risk to you.

Start today and join the thousands of women who have enjoyed the experience and relief of having a far easier delivery.

With best wishes,

Matt Godson, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Matt Godson, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Matt Godson - Clinical Hypnotherapist
Accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Birthing with FrehsStart

Customer testimonial

Things to remember:

  • That pain can be largely eliminated from the birth experience
  • That you should not have to compromise on quality because of the lack of availability of a reputable, local hypnobirthing practitioner.
  • That unlike other birthing classes where meeting other parents is part of the fun, hypnobirthing in a group session is not recommended. To get the true benefit from hypnobirthing you need to be able to a) Set your own pace and b) Relax. Both are far harder - and sometimes impossible in an uncomfortable classroom or group setting.
  • That the hypnobirthing program be tailored to the clients’ schedule, not the practitioners.
  • That the client should be given the tools to continue the experience beyond the appointment and beyond the birth too!
  • That the benefits of the program should be proven effective and that the client should receive a guarantee of effectiveness.
  • That the program should be effective no matter what birth style (hospital, home, birthing pool etc) the mother chooses.

How does this course compare to other courses what is the difference?

I really enjoyed using the Fresh Start Method!

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